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Who is livepro?
Since 2001 livepro has delivered the best Knowledge Management solution to award-winning customer service centers in all major industries including banking & finance, airlines, insurance, superannuation, education, health, and government.

Who should attend?
  • Authors, Knowledge managers and Leaders who want to develop their knowledge and maximise their utilisation of livepro!
  • New clients in search of a knowledge management system for your organisation and would like to learn about the livepro capabilities and hear from real-world client success stories!
 We highly encourage you to invite your colleagues from other departments who are  interested in expanding livepro to their team.
Agenda highlights:
  • A deep-dive into the livepro roadmap including the latest developments
  • Engage in networking  activities and connect with industry professionals
  • Best practice tips to optimise your CX results
  • Real-world success stories share by our clients
  • Panelist Q&A Discussion: Integration streamlining processes, Harnessing the power of AI tools, and Safeguarding cyber security.
  • Announcing the livepro Awards 2023 winners and their achievements

Come join us and experience firsthand why livepro is the easiest Knowledge Management system to use, the easiest system to manage, and the easiest people to work with. Register below!

Date: Wednesday 26th July 2023

Time: 8.30AM - 4.30PM

Venue: Kirribilli Club

Location: 11 Harbourview Cres, Lavender Bay, NSW 2061

Speakers: Hollard Insurance & Liverpool City Council

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Speaker Profile


Paula Bond
Hollard, Delivery Manager
Topic: A Breath of Fresh Knowledge: Revamping and keeping on top of KM

Paula is the Initiative Delivery Manager at Hollard, with over 25 years’ experience in Leadership. She is passionate about leading, building and transforming people capability. She loves improving employee experience and creating teams to drive outstanding engagement, productivity, and business outcomes.  Paula’s first initiative in Hollard was the development and delivery of a governance framework for their knowledge management system Livepro, that would support the sharing and accessibility of consistent and correct information across their Operations branch with one key guiding principal; Getting the right information, to the right people at the right time​​.  



Anna Rizos
Liverpool City Council, Director
Topic: The Training Time Warp: How Knowledge Management can revolutionise Staff Education

Anna is the A/Director of Customer & Business Performance at Liverpool City Council, bringing over 20 years of experience in human resources and customer experience operations. For the past 5 years, she has led the Customer Experience team, focusing on change management and business improvement. Anna successfully implemented a knowledge management system to establish a reliable source of information. Recently, she expanded the system to include a staff onboarding component, ensuring new team members feel confident and guided in the local government environment.

Date: Thursday 27th July 2023

Time: 8.30AM - 4.30PM

Venue: Marriott

Location: 515 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Speakers: Hollard Insurance & Redlands City Council

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Speaker Profile


Cath Williams
Hollard, Knowledge and Process Manager
Topic: A Breath of Fresh Knowledge: Revamping and keeping on top of KM

Cath is the Knowledge and Process Manager at Hollard, specialising in project management and implementation. She prioritises the success of others and is dedicated to ensuring the business is well-prepared with strong governance. Cath is a passionate coach and advocate for personal development, both at work and in her role as Head Coach for the U15 Lions Football Club National Premier Leagues Women’s team. Her first major accomplishment at Hollard was establishing a governance framework for the knowledge management system livepro, ensuring accurate and accessible information for the Operations branch.


Adam O'Keefe
Redland City Council, Project Officer
Topic: Trial, Error, and Triumph: Unravelling the Lessons and Results of Knowledge Management

Adam is the Project Officer for Redland City Council's livepro implementation, bringing 10 years of experience in Local Government, customer service and knowledge management operations to the role. This experience, along with a background in IT, has allowed him to streamline content and processes to improve customer experience for both contact centre staff and customers. Adam is looking forward to the next phase of livepro, which involves rolling it out to the wider organisation at Redland City Council, while also utilising its integration capabilities to further enhance customer experience. 


Alison Goebel 
Redland City Council, Senior Communications Officer
Topic: Trial, Error, and Triumph: Unravelling the Lessons and Results of Knowledge Management

Alison is an experienced professional with 9 years in Local Government, specialising in the Livepro Project at Redland City Council's Integrated Customer Contact Centre (ICCC). As the ICCC Senior Communications Officer, she brings valuable firsthand knowledge from her previous roles in the Contact Centre and Digital Services Team, which aids her in writing content for Livepro. With a background in psychology and a passion for leading people and delivering exceptional customer service, Alison is excited to be involved in upgrading RCC's Knowledge Management System. She is overseeing the transition of over 1000 procedures from 'Robo' to 'Livepro' (now called 'Kite' at RCC), which will streamline information access for her team and enhance customer service. Alison's ultimate goal is to deliver a high-quality finished product that enables RCC to provide the community with the best customer experience possible.


Date: Tuesday 1st August 2023

Time: 8.30AM - 4.30PM

Venue: Collins Square Event Centre

Location: 727 Collins Street, Docklands VIC 3008 

Speakers: Aware Super & Wyndham City Council

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Speaker Profile


Natascha McGilvray
Aware Super, Knowledge and Communications Author
Topic: Branching Out: Overcoming the Challenges of Introducing a New Department to an Established Ecosystem

Natascha is the Knowledge and Communications author the for the Aware Super Member Support Team. Prior to her current role, she has over 10 years’ experience in front line customer service. With a passion for effective communication strategies, she aims to empower consultants on the phones to be the best that they can in all their interactions with members.


Sam Price
Wyndham City Council, Customer Knowledge Content Writer
Topic: Preparation: The Key Ingredient in our Knowledge Management Recipe for Success

Sam is the Customer Experience and Interaction Lead with over 15 years’ experience in customer service strategy, systems, and operations. Sam oversaw the build and implementation of the new knowledge management system known as ‘Wise’. Sam‘s focus over the past 3 years has been to improve the Customer Experience by implementing technology upgrades in the Contact Centre. The introduction of the new knowledgebase has been the latest system improvement that was received extremely positive by the contact centre team as well as the rest of the business.


Stephanie Balazs
Wyndham City Council, Customer Knowledge Content Writer
Topic: Preparation: The Key Ingredient in our Knowledge Management Recipe for Success

Stephanie is the Customer Knowledge Content Writer, responsible for the knowledge management system that enable the contact centre team to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Steph has managed our knowledge base for over four years. With her background working in the Contact Centre, the role in knowledge has come second nature. Steph led the transition of knowledge from the previous system to the new system and moved over 1,000 knowledge articles with her team and streamlined processes. Steph also took the lead in team engagement which contributed to a very successful implementation. Feedback from the contact centre team and the wider organisation is that the new system is fantastic, easy to use and makes their jobs easier.  



Date: Thursday 3rd August 2023

Time: 8.30AM - 4.30PM 

Venue: Stamford Plaza

Location: 150 North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

Speakers: Mas National, Mitsubishi (Panel), and RAA (Panel)

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Speaker Profile


Hugh Stevens
MAS National, Continous Improvement Lead Specialist
Topic: From Dream to Reality: Navigating the Roadmap to a Living Vision

Hugh is a Continuous Improvement Lead specialising in new technology, and innovation. He leads teams through change, fostering a culture of innovation, and empowering users to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. He is an advocate for change and has been introduced and implemented Knowledge Management to Mas National and the IntoWork group with a focus on elevating customer experience, streamlining onboarding and reducing risk of errors by utilising livepro. 


Brad Page
RAA, Training and Compliance Manager
Panel Discussion: The K-Files: Unveiling the Secrets of Knowledge Management Governance, Training, and Best Practice

Brad is the Training and Compliance manager for the Retail department of the RAA. He joined the RAA with a decade of L&D experience in the Banking and Finance sector and was part of the team during the initial livepro rollout. RAA launched their livepro page named Compass before COVID and have plenty of experiences learned during and coming out of the Pandemic and are looking to discuss with peers to continue to evolve. 


Nicole Wapper
Mitsubishi, Knowledge Management Specialist - Contact Centre 
Panel Discussion: The K-Files: Unveiling the Secrets of Knowledge Management Governance, Training, and Best Practice

Nicole is the Knowledge Management Specialist for Mitsubishi’s Contact Centre. With her background experience, working in the Contact Centre, the role in knowledge has come second nature. Nicole is an advocate in sharing her knowledge and streamlining processes to enable the functions and easier work processes to benefit the teams in their daily tasks. Aware of areas to improve, combined with livepro, the teams are more engaged and have confidence in their roles. 

Date: Tuesday 8th August 2023

Time: 8.30AM - 4.30PM 

Venue: Fraser Suites

Location: 10 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth WA 6004

Speakers: Silverchain & City of Kwinana

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Speaker Profile


Stacey Quick
Silverchain, Process Design and Delivery Lead
Topic: Clash of the Knowledge Titans: Merging Legacy Knowledge and Fresh knowledge have a successful Knowledge Management system

Stacey is the Process Design and Delivery Lead at Silverchain with over 17 years’ experience in a contact centre environment. Stacey was the driving force behind Silverchain moving away from SharePoint documents to livepro and was a key driver in the creation of streamlined work instructions and processes and in engaging contact centre staff in adopting the new system. Due to Stacey’s hard work in the livepro space multiple business units have or are looking to migrate to livepro for their knowledge management needs.  



Taylor Robertshaw
Silverchain, Business Improvement Specialist
Topic: Clash of the Knowledge Titans: Merging Legacy Knowledge and Fresh knowledge have a successful Knowledge Management system

Taylor is the Business Improvement Specialist at Silverchain with over 10 years background experience in contact centre environments. In most recent years, her experience has led her to business support roles such as customer experience coaching, communication/personality based coaching, project management, BA, learning and development and knowledge management design and integration. She is passionate about creating knowledge management frameworks that not only support and engage teams but that also have a long-term goal of self-sustaining continuous improvement and the ability for businesses to adapt it easily across all departments.


Peta Dennison
Kwinana Council, Customer Experience Coordinator
Panel Discussion: From 'Plan the Work' to 'Work the Plan': The Rollercoaster Ride of Knowledge Management's Plot Twists and Lessons

Peta is the Customer Experience Coordinator at the City of Kwinana with over 30 years’ experience within the contact centre industry in both Federal, Local Government and the Private Health Industry. Peta and her small team of 6 Customer Service Officers have been developing the knowledge management system for the City of Kwinana since April 2022. Peta and her team are passionate about streamlining process and making customer interactions an easier and more enjoyable experience for both the employee and the customer.